Zari Khussa Mahal summer new stock (5)

Khussa is the traditional product of Punjab province.  Khussa has its own personality and it is worn on all occasions such as weddings, parties, and mehndi.  Zari Khussa Mahal is not altering the oldest but one of the top noble brands in Pakistan which are providing the oldest tradition. Zari Khussa Mahal offers status collections for both men and women.

But as it has been broad from the class background as gibe they rightful system the position that is in the descriptor of khussas. In this article, we will deal few pictures of the Zari Khussa Mahal summer publication for women.

These khussas are very stylish and trendy.  This collection is not much expensive but looks very shining and stylish for Punjabi. Now let’s see some pictures of khussas from Zari Khussa Mahal Lahore.

Punjabi Traditional Foot Wear Khussa For Men


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