Beautiful Wrist Watches For Men By Citizen

Latest and trendy men watches by citizen watches (5)

Citizen watches are the famous and old brand of the world.  Citizen watches were founded in 1918. For the last ninety-three years, Citizen has grown all around the world attaining identification as a global brand. Recently, the company has risen to be the world’s largest watchmaker, a distinction Citizen has held every year since 1986. Citizen watches have recently launched their new collection for men which they named Eco-Drive.

Citizen has become the leader in Ecologically Friendly activity with its Eco-Drive collection of light-powered watches. With models drifting from dress to sport to pro dive watches, Citizen Eco-Drive runs ceaselessly in any kind of rude or contrived light for a lifetime of use.

In 2007, Citizen inaugurated radio-controlled atomic-timekeeping watches in the world. With the demonstration of the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave at Basel world 2011, Citizen has re-avowed its position as a worldwide leader in timekeeping technology.

Best Wrist Watches For Men By Citizen

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