Imran Khan Got Married With Reham Khan

Imran Khan has tied the knot with Rehan KHan.

You know that recently the previous Pakistani Cricketer “Imran Khan” has got married to TV weather girl named Reham Khan. Reham Khan is almost Forty Years old and the age of Imran Khan is about Sixty Years Old. And it is said that Imran Khan’s sister did not attend his marriage.

Reham Khan was a TV weather girl in BBC. All the closest friends and families appear in the marriage but only Imran Khan’s sisters were absent. A dowry of 82,000 rupees, approximately £850 was contracted for the bridal.

Pakistani Cricketer Imran Khan has got marriedPakistani past cricketer Imran Khan now has finally married ex-British Broad Cast weather girl “Reham Khan” at a very low-key wedding ceremony in the Pakistan. A close friend Politician of Imran Khan had joined the loop with the divorced mother; she has three children at his home in Islamabad earlier today.

The marriage of Imran Khan was arranged with Islamic Law. Aleema khan said: “We were neither conscious nor conversant about the “Nikkah” ceremony prior to this”. To bride’s nephew Yusuf Khan, at the wedding ceremony all the families of Bridal were present at the cherished ceremony.  Imran Khan’s orator said that the wedding was reserved small to credit the 145 victims of the radical attack on a school in Peshawar last month, in which 132 children died.

Imran khan is also a chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf who has tied the knot with television correspondent “Reham Khan”. Their nikkah observance took place on Thursday at the politician’s residence in Bani Gala.  In the ceremony Imran Khan, the Haq Mehr was set at Rs100,000. He also said that most of the family of Reham Khan is spending life in United Kingdom and the United States. After return from London Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman also said in Islamabad that “Marriage is not a crime”.

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