Nadia Hussain Pakistani Model, Actress & Host

Nadia Hussain Pakistani Model & Actress

Nadia Hussain is a Pakistani Actress and model. Nadia Hussain is one of the “Supar Star” in the world of Fashion Industry in Pakistan Nadia Hussain is such a shining star that there is no doubt she is a woman of Brilliance and she is a complete lady. Nadia Hussain is a model and host of the Pakistan Fashion & Showbiz Industry.

Nadia Hussain has accomplished so many projects and plans of ramps, modeling and photo shoot. In the pictures of Nadia Hussain, you can find a true and perfect look of her professionalism.

Nadia Hussain Fitness & Stunning Look:

Pakistani Actress Nadia Hussain BiographyNadia Hussain has also got all the guts to be a perfect model, like with 5’10″ height, style and particularly gorgeous looks. The motivating thing in her credit is that renowned singer of our country, Tina Sani is her aunt. Mubashir khan was the man who introduced her first time in this fashion & style world.

Nadia Hussain Family:

Nadia Hussain Pakistani Model & ActressShe is a dentist by qualification & profession, and most of all a mother of three kids. Atif Khan, who is a stockbroker is her husband and she is also holding her home in an organized way. Nadia Hussain thinks that modeling is a short opportune carrier, so she takes modeling as her second profession, after being a Dentist. Being a dentist might be the reason that she typically notices the smiles & teeth of a person, other than eyes in the first glimpse.

Nadia Hussain Career:

Pakistani Actress Nadia Hussain BiographyShe has done many types of modeling and fashion shoots. Particularly she has earned a good name in bridal shoots. Nadia Hussain was selected as one of the “Bridal Asia” in India. Other than Fashion shows, she is also performing in commercial campaigns. She is well famous celebrity both at the national & international levels.

Due to the media exposure since her childhood (as she belongs to a media-oriented family) Nadia Hussain never faced any problem in facing any sort of media. Now she is addicted to showbiz and never wants to leave it soon. She usually does not follow the current fashion trends rather prefers what really suits her.

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