Yoga is best excercise for health and beauty.

I think you have never tried out to treat dark circles with the aid of Yoga before. Here in this beautiful post you will learn some tips and steps of Dark circles with Yoga. As we know very well that now a day’s getting dark circles are becoming one of the common issues for both men and women. And there are lots of many reasons that can give rise to the dark circles by lack of sleeping, too much stress and sickness. Mostly the appearance of lack of oxygen as well as blood flow is the main reasons of rising dark circles. Now you will be happy to know about that dark circles can be treated at the best level with the aid of Yoga as well.

Yoga Health And Beauty Tips For Women

How To Treat Dark Circles With the aid of Yoga

How we can get beauty and healthWhat Is Hastapadotasana?

Hastapadotasana is about the exercise that is involved in the standing and forward bend pose. And it is the most popular and best foremost exercise for the yoga series for dark circles. By performing and applying this exercise you are getting the chance of stretching and extending your muscles of your entire body. And by this exercise you allow your nervous system to get in active mode as well. It is best for also relieving abdominal and stomach disorders.


Few tips for yogaSteps for Hastapadotasana:

1. First of all before doing this exercise you have to make sure that you should stand straight and just keep the legs apartas of shoulder width.

2. Now in the next step you have to stretch both hands forward and upwards in way that gives a stretch to your spine.

2. In the second step you will have to stretch both hands forward and upwards in way that gives a extend and enlarge to your spine and back bone.

Yoga Excercise for best health and beauty tips3. In third step now you have to bend and bow slowly to touch the floor.

4. In the last step gradually breathe as a common person breathes normally.

 By doing this exercise you never stretch yourself too much and if you don’t able to touch the ground surface so just have yourself and your all body in comfortable and easy mode. And this is one of the easiest ways to prevent and stop trauma of Muscles. And it even going to aid you in curing the pimples, spots and acne and bad skin areas as well.

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