Woolen Shawl Collection Women Style by Lala Textiles 2014-2015

This is the first time a Lala collection 2014 includes exclusive Celebre woolen Shawl Range. Famous textile house Lala Textiles has launched its fresh winter collection titled Celebre Linen Shawl Range by Lala. Motivated by the people, embroideries and graphical ethnic prints of Pakistan’s Northern Frontier, the collection includes high-class Celebre Linen Shawl Range, introduced for the first time and outfits produced from fabrics such as wool, slub, satin silk and organza.

Lala is a international popular fashion brand and is known for its fashionable casual wear for a absolutely urban, outgoing, active and fun demonstrative youth with an exceptional way of life. Lala is a longer brand related with Metropolitan young boys & girls, who are in search of fashionable brands that suggestion a latest fashion, luxury equation with lively style.

In keeping with the brand’s earlier collections, Celebre Linen Shawl Range consists of numerous add-ons such as organza motifs, neck slubs,panels, patches, silk bunches, printed trousers, embroidered organza lace, embroidered slub sleeves, embroidered garas, printed border slubs, printed panels, digital and woolen shawls, on condition that every customer a distinct outfit to contest their separate style profile. Celebre Linen Shawl Range by Lala below images….