Women Fall Winter Khaddar Collection by Firdous Mills

Firdous Mills Women Fall Winter Khaddar Collection 2013-2014

Firdous Mills Women Fall Winter Khaddar 2013-14Firdous textile is one of the celebrated textile industries of Pakistan. It extends fashionable women wear appareling of young generation as well women. Lawn prints is its métier which it offers allowing two seasons. Fabric brand by Firdous Textiles are also well liked in countries of Great Britain, America, Australia and Great White North. Here we bring latest women Khaddar Dresses collection. This is very voguish collection and is named as “Firdous Mills Women Fall Winter Khaddar Collection 2013-14”. This collection comprises dissimilar types of Party wears and cursory dresses.

The dresses in this collection are mainly 3 pieces and 2 piece suist. Three Piece suits consist of backbreaking published Shirts and Dupattas with plane Trousers, Shalwars and Churridar Pajamas etc. Two-piece suit also contain Printed Shirts with Plane Trousers and Shalwars. The Shirts are designed as Dress shop Style, A-Line Nightdress Style and like open Shirts etc. Some of these shirts have full sleeves and some of them have half sleeves. Prints on the Shirts and Dupattas are chiefly Floral, Geometrical, Computerize and many more like these. These dresses are available of same prints in different shades and colors.

The colors of theses dresses are dark as well as light. Dark colors include Blacken, Brownish, dark Pinkish, Red Orange and Purplish etc, while light color include White, Yellow, light Pink, Sky Blue and Skin etc. the color blends and color combinations of these dresses are also very heavenly, bright and mythological. Although these dresses have heavy prints on them but to give them an great look these are also beautified with different Hangings, simple and fancy narrow Laces, simple and fancy Buttons, pippins and many more stuff like theses. The stitching of these dresses is also very fine. We hope women will like this collection. See more images of this “Firdous Mills Women Fall Winter Khaddar Collection 2013-14” collection below.