Are you a doctor who always had a dream to have a grand wedding? Since you are a healthcare practitioner now, and earning a decent income, why not? You can afford to have a dream wedding that you cherish with your life partner for a lifetime.

Talking about having a big fat wedding, you must have saved some money for numerous expenses, right? However, no matter what arrangements you might have done, the fact about the marriage’s expenses is that no money is enough to cover it. Fund Your Dream Wedding With a Personal Loan for Doctors

That does not mean you should not dream of having a great wedding! Since you are a doctor, top lenders in the market can offer you a personal loan. Yes, lenders consider doctors as honorable citizens and offer a personal loan for doctors’ facilities. You can grab a higher loan amount up to Rs.35 lakh to cover all the expenses of your marriage!

So, be it the cost of catering, jewelry, clothes, decorations, return gifts, and more, the personal loan for doctors can suffice your needs at a lower doctor loan interest rate.

Opt for a personal loan for doctors and have a dream wedding

Here are some features and benefits of availing a personal loan for doctors to assist have a grand marriage ceremony without issues:

  1. Grab a loan amount of up to Rs.35 lakh

Lenders want you to stop at nothing while having the time of your life at your wedding or arranging your child’s as they offer up to Rs.35 lakh.

  1. No endless waiting period

Lenders understand that you need the personal loan for doctors to get a quick funding option for the marriage and other needs, and won’t keep you waiting. As a result, you can get your loan request processed after the documentation within 24 hours.

  1. Flexi loan facility

You may not need the entire Rs.35 lakh and may need at regular intervals during the loan tenor. Hence, you are allowed to avail of an amount as per your wish and pay the interest on it as your EMI within the loan tenor. You are entitled to settle the rest of the amount after the end of the tenor.

  1. Pay smaller EMIs

You can easily spread the cost of your personal loan for doctors into a wider tenor as flexible as 12 and 96 months and pay smaller EMIs to never feel indebted.


  1. No collateral, guarantor or security needed

Since the personal loan for doctors is an unsecured type of loan, you need not provide the lenders any collateral, guarantor or security to vouch for you.

  1. Part-prepayment facility to help you

Creditors let you make part-prepayment at your convenience to ease your financial burden without asking you any charges. The only condition is that the prepaid loan value need not be less than 3-EMI’s value. However, there is no limit on the maximum amount.

  1. Online account management

Did you know that you can easily track the progress of the personal loan for doctors from anywhere and 24/7? Yes, the modern-day lenders offer this facility when you log in to their digital customer portals. Like this, you are aware of the ensuing EMI due date, the rate of interest, and other aspects so that you don’t miss out on anything!

The Bottom Line 

With a personal loan for doctors coming laced with so many enticing features, there is no reason you should not cut loose and have a wedding of your choice!

Why wait and keep your plans on hold? You can apply for a personal loan for doctors online today!