The Voice Season 5, Episode 16 Who will be the next WinnerThe voice singing competition episode 16

The Voice season 5′s top 12 contestants perform tonight, with the results revealed tomorrow night. We’ll tell you what to expect and where to watch it online later if you can’t watch it when it airs. With all the preliminary competition rounds behind us, we have finally reached the live performance competition episodes.

This week, the top 12 contestants will each perform a song and America will vote for their favorite Monday night, with the results revealed on Tuesday night. This is the first time this season that the contestants will be performing with all of their competitors. Until now, they have only been pitted against their own teammates.

But now it’s every man for himself, and as the coaches previewed last week, this is when they’re going to have to start getting mean. No more can they shower praise on another coach’s contestant, if that means it may sway a single vote away from his or her own team’s members.