Veena Malik pictures 2014

“Veena Malik” is the most famous and popular actress of Pakistan. Veena Malik is a famous contentious actress got married with “Asad Bashir Khatak” in Dubai. Due to the illness of Veena Malik’s mother, the marriage and valima were so simple due to poor health of her mother.

The groom Asad Bashir Khatak promised and assured Veena Malik for the white wedding so then he satisfied that on 23rd February 2014. And due to “Nikaah” and “Umrah” Veena Malik became “Victorian Bride”. And it is Veena Malik’s teenage dream to celebrate White Wedding Reception on her marriage valima. She got married in fairytale white wedding style.

On her wedding valima Veena Malik was dressed up in a long-end white bridal gown with the base and crown on the head of Veena Malik and a bouquet in the hand of Veena Malik. ‘Asad Bashir’ was wearing Black Dresses in the wedding and Veena Malik walked in by holding the hands of her handsome and good-looking groom, Asad Bashir’. Then the couple replaced swears, rings, and danced on the floor.

Latest Pictures of Veena Malik MarriageYou know that the marriage Valima Reception of Veena Malik organised by the brother of “Asad Bashir”. He organised Valima Reception in one of the most luxurious and comfortable Cruise Ship named “Spirit” in the amidst of the sea of Washington, USA.

And there were Five Hundred guests invited and requested in Veena Malik Valima Reception, and they all enjoyed with traditional white cake, delicious food and so other refreshment food and sweats. The ship “Spirit” is 161 feet long and this has capability of 500 passengers and it was built in the year 2000.\