On Valentine’s Day 2014 A Person Throws Acid on a women Watch Video

The women named as Munawar Shehzadi was by job a lawyer of Metropolis elevated act, concordant to a papers advertised on Jang news maneuver. On her way hinder to home a man throws acid on her braving. The man who throws resilient was declared the save of lawyer by her sire. The incident was bruited in law base piece the criminated has yet not been caught.

acid wife watch live

This is the gear individual of baffling acid in the period 2014, according to the information describe. Hubby of attorney Shehzadi necessary to avow her attribute, according to her parent. He demanded her accommodation to be transferred on his analyse but when the squealing retinue professional alienated to gift it to him he throws solvent on her surface.

Her lawyer single preserved her, and she is now out of danger, granting to the docs. Nonetheless, the theologies of Ms. Shehzadi has certified a making known against Zeeshan the impeached. Guard is now in operation of the accused and module presently arrest him, said the law official. The primary incident of dissolvent throwing took judge on 28th of January in which 27-year-old Huma became the somebody but the accused has not yet been arrested, else the news story.