Mera Sultan ( Muhtesem Yuzyil) Cast

Turkish Drama Mera Sultan By Geo Kahani Cast & Crew

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The successful transmission of Mera Sultan continues whose story is based on Power and Kingdom and spreading the story of Turkish History. The soup in which Jealousy, Love, and Rivalry are shown is presented by Geo Kahani and is based on the life of the Turkish famous Ruler Sultan Suleiman.

The success of this soup is because of its unique title and its rapidly growing story and as a result, it has gained popularity in its Urdu version. Every exciting incident that takes place in either court or palace in this quality production soup grabs the attention of the audience.

Mera Sultan which brings a unique story of the history is telecast daily at 9 pm on Geo Kahani.

Turkish Drama Mera Sultan Cast:

Actor nameRole name
Halit ErgençSuleiman I
Meryem UzerliHürrem Sultan
Vahide Perçin
Nebahat ÇehreHafsa Sultan
Okan YalabıkPargalı Ibrahim Pasha
Nur FettahoğluMahidevran Sultan
Selma ErgeçHatice Sultan
Yusuf Berkan DemirbağŞehzade Mustafa
Tunç Oral
Mehmet Günsür
Berrak TüzünataçMihrünnisa Sultan
Arda AnaratŞehzade Mehmed
Gürbey İleri
Ayda AcarMihrimah Sultan
Melis Mutluç
Pelin Karahan
Ozan GüvenRüstem Pasha
Yiğit ÜstŞehzade Selim
Engin Öztürk
Merve BoluğurNurbanu Sultan
Erhan Can KartalŞehzade Bayezid
Aras Bulut İynemli
Mina Tuana GüneşHuricihan Sultan
Burcu Özberk
Aybars Kartal ÖzsonŞehzade Cihangir
Tolga Sarıtaş
Deniz ÇakırŞah Sultan
Mehmet ÖzgürLütfi Pasha
Meltem CumbulFatma Sultan
Selen ÖztürkGülfem Hatun
Pınar Çağlar GençtürkBeyhan Sultan
Gökhan ÇelebiFerhad Pasha
Kıvanç Kılınç
Luran AhmetiDivane Hüsrev Pasha
Gonca SarıyildizFatma Hatun
Ecem ÇalıkEsmehan Sultan
Efe Mehmet GüneşSultanzade Osman
Serenay AktaşAyşe Hatun
Yetkin DikincilerKara Ahmed Pasha
Yasemin AllenDefne Sultan
Alize GördümNergisşah Sultan
Serhan OnatŞehzade Murad
Koray Efe YazganŞehzade Orhan
Özge GürelRana Sultan
Almeda AbaziNazenin Hatun (Valeria)
Gözde TürkerSafiye Hatun

“Mera Sultan”: From Real Names to Characters

Mera Sultan,” also known as “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” in Turkish, is a historical drama series that became immensely popular not just in Turkey but also in various other countries, including Pakistan. The drama, available in Urdu as “Mera Sultan,” captivated audiences with its intriguing plot, high-quality production, and, most notably, its compelling cast.

The cast of “Mera Sultan” features a lineup of talented actors who brought historical figures to life. At the forefront is the actor who plays Sultan Suleiman, known as Sultan Murad in the drama. The actor’s real name is Halit Ergenç, and he delivered a performance that was both authentic and riveting. Actress Meryem Uzerli plays the iconic role of Hurrem Sultan, Sultan Suleiman’s wife, in the “Hurrem Sultan drama cast.”

Various lists of “Mera Sultan actress name” and “Mera Sultan cast names with pics” can be found online for fans who wish to know more about the ensemble cast that made this series a hit. Characters like Pargali Ibrahim Pasha, Mahidevran Sultan, and others have been immortalized by actors who managed to capture the essence of these historical figures skillfully.

The drama has been fully translated into Urdu under the title “Mera Sultan Urdu” to cater to the Urdu-speaking audience. A “Mera Sultan characters” list provides viewers with detailed insights into the historical roles portrayed in the drama.

So the drama “Mera Sultan” offers a captivating historical narrative with an equally compelling cast, successfully drawing a massive global audience. Whether you are searching for the actor’s real name Sultan Murad or a comprehensive list of “Mera Sultan cast names,” the internet abounds with resources for fans of this iconic series.

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