Trendy and beautiful women summer heel collection 2013

trendy and stylish heelAs you know that women fashion has an importance in their life.  Women use many things to prepare for weddings parties, offices, college parties and other occasions.  Women use trendy and fashionable dresses, do nice make up to look charming.  They also make their hairs very stylish and curly as per the demand of parties.  They make their nails very stylish and rightful with nail polish.  They make dress combination with makeup nails, and hairstyle.  But their fashion and preparation for any party will incomplete without choosing smart and stylish footwear.  Long heel has its own importance for women.  Women use long heel shoes in wedding parties and casual parties.  They like long heel because these heels are comfortable for their feet.  Now look some latest and trendy pictures of heels shoes and footwear for women.