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There are several functions of wedding let’s see below all the events and moments of wedding ceremony. New Launched Traditional Lehnga 2022 This is very important note that the few customs followed in Pakistani wedding functions have no foundation in Islam. So that why the Pakistani people have adopted and copied all these fashionable style from those ceremonies and traditions from the Hindu and European countries culture.

Colourful adorned designs for bridalMangni: It is the engagement ceremony is the best moments for both couple. This is the small ceremony takes place in the presence of both families and parents.

Mayun: Mayun is the custom of the bride entering into the state privacy eighty to fifteen days before the wedding. Bridal should not go out from the house near her wedding. And then she is made free of all the tasks, responsibilities household tasks etc.

Uptan: Uptan is also festival and custom of the wedding that uptan is paste which is made of turmeric, sandalwood powder, herbs and aromatic oils etc. which the mother of groom brings for the bride. And she wishes to apply uptan to the hands and face of the bridal. Then Groom’s sister also does same. Gana is also tied at the hands of bridal and groom.

New bridal dressesDholki: It is a very popular custom that on this special events the families of the bridal and groom sings traditional wedding and popular songs with beating dholki instruments by a person.

Rasm-e-Mehndi: Mehndi takes place a special day or night before the marriage. Especially the women celebrate the events for events. At the event people apply Heena mehndi to bride’s hands, feet, sing, and dance and also bless the bride for the starting new life. They apply Heena and its beautiful floral designs the girls also like to write grooms name in mehndi designs.

Baraat: Baraat is parade of family, relatives and best friends of groom that escort the groom to bride’s home for official wedding festival. Groom starts his feet to the bride’s house on foot or caror richly decked horse. Remaining people of the Baraat follows in different vehicles and cars etc.

Latest Jewelry fashion for bridalNikah: This is purely Islamic official wedding ceremony. And takes place at the bride’s home. The special events both for the bridal and groom handled by very close family members, relatives. Nikah-Naama (it is the document of marriage contract) registered in Nikah. It contains several terms and conditions both for men and women. Both families act as witnesses to the wedding.

Mooh Dikhai: It comes first time to the life of bridal and groom to showing of the face of the bridal after the Nikah. This custom of Mooh Dikhai also called “Aarsi Musshaf”. They also share some sweet dishes and fruits to the all guests and friend, families.

Beautiful look for Bridal LehngaRuksati: The custom takes place when the time of leaving bridal from her house to the new life and to the new house to spend next period of her life. Bridal says goodbye to the parents, family and friends. At this time The Holy Quran is held over bridal’s head as a blessing. You have to believe that it is a pretty touching moment both for them.

Chauthi: The custom of bringing the bridal to back to her parent’s home the next day. The events usually performs bridal’s brothers to perform the Chauthi custom and also goes to fetch their sister home.

Walima: This is very special and unforgettable moment both for bride and groom. Walima is a ceremony to declare the marriage to all society and friends etc. Grand reception, treat hosted by the groom’s parents. A

ll the friends, cousins, families, relatives are invited to the Walima ceremony. Both families celebrated the wedding ceremony with great fun, enjoy and festivities.