Here we will discus Top 5 Call Center Software for any kind of Business that you must be try.  Call Center Software is a software system that is used to manage contact centers. It is basically used for various purposes such as; to manage customer database, record calls, broadcast promotional messages etc. There are different types of call center software that are used by businesses nowadays and we will just mention some of those below. Top 5 Call Center Software for any kind of Business

Types of Call Center Software

1.Voice Broadcasting Software

2. Call Tracking Software

3.Text Messaging Software


5.Automatic Call Distributor(ACD)

6.Computer Telephony Integration

7.Interactive Voice Response

8.Video Calling

These are the list of different types of call center but in this article, we will discuss top 5 call center software that can be used by any type of business be it a contact center or a bookstore.

1.Voice Broadcasting Software

A voice broadcasting software is a type of call center software that allows the user to broadcast numerous voice messages to its customers instantly. It is mainly used to send promotional information or any important notification to the customers.

Due to its versatile nature of broadcasting different types of voice messages, it can be used by different enterprises to promote their brands. Voice broadcasting software can be used as an effective marketing tool for promoting any type of product or services without installing costly hardware.

Here is an example, you can understand it more clearly. Suppose a newly opened bookstore wants to promote its books then it can use voice broadcasting software to send 1000 promotional audio messages to its target audience instantly.

2. Text Messaging Software

To send thousands of promotional and informational text messages, text messaging software is used by call centers and other small businesses across the globe.

Though it is largely used by contact centers yet it can be used for different purposes by different organizations. The sole purpose of this software is to send bulk SMS which can be customized as per the needs of a business.

If a garment shop wants to sell its newly launched T-shirt or Jeans, it can utilize a text messaging software to send hundreds of promotional messages at a time. This needs only an existing system and a reliable internet connection only.

3. Video Calling

Video Calling software is a type of call center software that is used to create face to face remote communications between two users. It allows contact centers to create video conferences, group video calling,and screen sharing.

It can be an effective tool to manage employees, solve online problems remotely and client-vendor interactions. There are many video calling software that is used by most corporate houses, contact centers and other small businesses such as Skype, Viber, Tango etc.

IT companies can use this software to fix any kind of software issues with their customers by sharing their computer screens. A video calling software has become a crucial part to build a trust-factor in consumers nowadays, so it can be used by different businesses without spending much.

4. Call Tracking Software

Transparency and Security are one of the crucial things in any kind of business. In this era of technological revolution, enterprises must keep the track record of their customers.

A call tracking software allows call centers to track the calls of their callers by a unique custom URL tag. This unique custom URL allows showingthe details of the customer’s phone number.

Let’s see how it can be used by various enterprises. The best example can be a restaurant that wants to deliver orders. It can utilize a call tracking software to know whether the customer belongs to their target audience or not.

5. Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration is a type of call center software that allows you to connect your mobile phones with your computer. It has the ability to function in both ways such as desktop ways and server ways.

This kind of software is not only useful for call centers but also are crucial for large enterprises. It can help businesses to manage their organization remotely. This system does not need any costly hardware installation but a reliable IP network and existing computers.

Those companies that have a large number of employees, can use this software to manage their computers from mobile phones. Small businesses also can utilize this as it is scalable and budget friendly.

Bottom Line

In this article, we tried to discuss the versatility of different call center software for various businesses with few examples. We hope this will help you choose the right call center software for your business.