Salman Khan and lulia vantur (3)

Salman khan is the trademark of Bollywood.  The lover of Salman khan is waiting for the shocking news of Salman khan’s wedding for a decade.

Now Salman khan decided to become the groom of a very pretty face Lulia Vantur who is an American blonde.

Some of people would not trust on this shocking news. From now they will be seen together in lots of celebrations. According to Midday news, Salman khan wanted to be as close as with Lulia Vantur soon.

Salman khan’s stories with Indian Bollywood actresses always remain in the headlines. But this time he tried something different as Salman khan to marry Lulia Vantur.

So every fan of Salman Khan is waiting for the real dawdler to this Salman khan marriage news and Salman khan to marry Lulia Vantur an American blonde.