Azfar Rehman Pakistani Model and Actor (6)

Azfar Rehman, also called Mohammed Azfar, is a model, actor, and also Pakistani TV host.Azfar was born in Muslim family in Sindh, Karachi Pakistan on 7th June 1984. Afzar Rehman is one of the top models of Pakistan. Azfar is a Pakistani Actor, Model and tv anchor . He is famous due to his beautiful and handsome personality. He worked in many tv dramas, commercials and also in TV shows.

He is considered a top male model of Pakistan. He has performed in many fashion shows as well as in drama serials. On top of that he is an actor as well. Rehman is one of the top models of the Pakistani Fashion Industry. He models for a variety of top Designers of Pakistan like HSY (Hassan Shaharyar Yasin). On top of that he is a super Actor as well. Azfar Rehman is a talented individual with Talent, Good looks, and Appeal. Now look here some pictures of Azfar Rehman top model of pakistan

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