Pakistani Fashion Designer Amir Adnan Sherwani Collection 2013

Dulha Trendy Collection1990 saw the advancement of men’s fashion in Pakistan when Amir Adnan, a business graduate by career, stepped out to recognize his own creature style, at the same time transferred it to the demands of an upset market. .
Amir Adnan the pakistani fashion designer was charged with an energy to development mind sets and inspire the senses of the modern eastern man. In 1992 he designed his first collection of italic jeans and launched them in America.

His mission was to stimulate the Sherwani, the traditional lengthy coat, which was buried with the lords and maharajas of the past. He had the vision to see that it was our local craft and outfit which would help us make it to the international map of fashion. The modern day guy had adopted the western suit while the only acceptable idea of grooms dress in and Amir Adnan had vowed to adjust that.

Today, almost a decade later, Amir Adnan’s design thinking has evolved visibly, marking itself permanently. He is the largest enterprise of designer clothing in Pakistan…

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