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Pakistani Elderly Actresses Are Still Unmarried Now?


How Much Pakistani Aged Actresses Are Unmarried Still Now

Meera is a Pakistani Unmarried Actress who is still unmarried now. The real the name of Meera is “Irtiza Rubab”. Date of Birth Meera is 12th May, 1977 & and now her age is almost 38. Pakistani Actress Meera made so many Lollywood Movies like she made her movie “Debut” in 1995.

Meera is called also the “Best Actress of the Year” and she also won the second successive “Nigar Award” for the Best Pakistani Actresses of the Year. Meera is such an actress who is also determined to proclaim to commence herself in the election 2013 in Pakistani Politics.


How Much Pakistani Aged Actresses Are Unmarried Still Now

Nirma is also a Pakistani Lollywood Actress who is also still unmarried now. Nirma’s date of birth on 21st July 1974 & now she is about 41 years old. Nirma began her career in modeling. The first play of Nirma was “Ranjish” and the first television of Nirma was “2 Chand”.

3.Maria Wasti:

How Much Pakistani Aged Actresses Are Unmarried Still Now

Pakistani Actress “Maria Wasti” is still unmarried. She was born on 14th August 1980 & so now she is about 35 years old. Maria Wasti Pakistani Actress is one of the outstanding actresses. Like other Pakistani Actresses, Maria Wasti also participate in so many serials and also took many Awards for her amazing, stunning, fabulous acting in the serials and films.

4.Zara Sheikh:

How Much Pakistani Aged Actresses Are Unmarried Still Now

Unmarried Pakistani Actress “Zara Sheikh” has worked in a few Films, Zara Sheikh introduced herself to Pakistani Actor “Shaan” in Pakistani Films. Zara Sheikh is a beautiful, charming, attractive model and actress of Pakistan. Zara Sheikh is also a singer of Pakistan. In the Campaign for the “Mobilink Jazz” Zara Sheikh started her career. The date of Birth of her is 7th May 1978. And she is now 37 years old.

5. Resham:

How Much Pakistani Aged Actresses Are Unmarried Still Now

Resham is also a Pakistani Actresses who remained unmarried also still now. Now Resham’s age is almost 36 years old. Resham is also an actress in Theater, Television & Pakistani Film. Resham made her entrance in 1995. Resham adjudicator Pakistani’s realism show named by “Hero Bannay Ki Tarang”. Resham has also worked on almost 200 Pakistani Films.

To conclude you will be happy to read about unmarried Pakistani Actresses. Sahiba & Reema is also aged and elderly Pakistani Actresses who have got married already and both have kids. So at the end of this post, all of us pray to God that May these over-aged Pakistani Unmarried Actresses also get married very soon.