Taj Mahal! As we all know is one of the seven wonders of the world. My visit to the Taj Mahal gave me one of the most memorable memories. I went there with my family and cousins during last winter vacation. Winters are preferable to visit the most adorable monument, Taj Mahal rather than summers, generally speaking, because pleasant temperature and clear weather during this winter give the most comfortable condition to travel, especially in Agra.

Talking about the Taj Mahal, it is made up of white marble and is located on the banks of the Yamuna river. It was made up by the famous Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in the 1600s.

Journey review to Taj Mahal (India)

My Experience of visiting Taj Mahal

As we entered through the main gate frankly speaking we were not so happy by seeing that we have to walk through such a long passage, but as someone said ‘’hard work always results in something amazing’’ but in this case it resulted in something stunning and beautiful!

While walking through the passage, I was amazed to see how beautifully the Taj mahal was planned! Every tree, plant and the pattern and structure of the Taj Mahal itself is symmetrical. The fountain in between the passage was also symmetrically magnificent! It consists of 24 (approx.) fountains in it.

I’m still speechless and amazed by thinking the number of intelligence people at the time had without any proper schools or books. The kind of techniques used in the fountain and at some parts of this monument is something only highly qualified people can think of today.

After a long walk, we entered into the main monument. The beauty of Taj Mahal is something that cannot be described in words. Although it is turning yellow due to pollution, for which I am feeling disappointed. As it is not only just the best historical building but it is a building made up of infinite love and feelings of a hard but good emperor for the world but a loving, caring and best husband – Shah Jahan for his gorgeous wife- Mumtaz Mahal.

The reason why this incredible monument is there before us is – among all of his wives, Shah Jahan’s favorite was Mumtaz Mahal extremely beautiful, smart and intelligent as heard. Shah Jahan immeasurably loved her so does she. Unfortunately, while giving birth to a child she passed away. Shahjahan was broken to hear this unfortunate news. He decided to do something big to show his infinite love for his wife, something which never had happened before, and after talking to a lot of architects he finally came up with the idea of ‘Taj Mahal.

The carvings on the whole building, if closely seen is creatively beautiful.

Our guide told us that those were handmade carvings! With no mistake, no error workers put their heart and soul to give the monument an aesthetic look. Patterns, flowers, leaves and many other Mughal patterns are carved everywhere on this symmetrically planned building.

It almost took us 2-2.5 hours to see the beauty of the Taj. I’m a nature lover so that is obvious that I found inner peace, positivity, and happiness there.

As I said before words are less to describe the beauty of this monument made up of love. But India is an incredible country with many such stunning historical buildings!

‘Historical monuments not only just tell us about life in the past, but it also tells us about how great and intelligent our country is !!’ Historical paces always teach something to us as did the Taj. I could learn the meaning of the promise, love, and the word GRAND. Really it was a memorable trip to cherish.