Maria Khan Pakistani Actress & Model Died To Heart Attack

Maria Khan Pakistani Actress & Model Died Of a Heart Attack

Maria Khan Actress and model died with heart attack

Renowned Pakistani Celebrity, Model, and actress Maria Khan passed away due to a heart attack at just 28 years old. She was laid to rest in his hometown Pakpattan. The actress latterly abided a heart attack.

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Maria Khan started her film career six years earlier with Shahzad Rafique’s Bollywood blockbuster movie “Muhabtaan Sachiyan” along with co-actors Meanwhile, the actress was reportedly laid to rest in Pakpattan, Maria was one among numerous Pakistani actresses, who earned a reputation and acknowledgment for themselves although they had very small and kind of short-lived careers.

It was in the year 2007 when Maria Khan appeared in Shehzad Rafiq-directed Lollywood blockbuster Punjabi-language film Muhabtaan Sachiyan.

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