Latest And Trendy IWC Company Watches 2013 For Men

  elegant iwcAn American Engineer with Mr. Florentine Ariosto Jones a watch maker who were director of E. Howard and company in Boston in 1868 they founded the American leading watch making company IWC International watch Company.  They used both technologies craftsmanship of the Swiss and the modern technology which parts were manufactured in United State Of America.

 At the time, wages in Switzerland were comparatively low even though there was a ready delivery of expert watch making workers mostly carried out by people in their homes. Jones encountered antagonism to his plans in French-speaking Switzerland because people feared for their jobs and the work they did at home because Jones wanted to open a factory.

In 1850 the town of Schaffhausen was in hazard of being left behind in the engineering Age. It was at this stage that watch producer and industrialist Johann Heinrich Moser stepped in and did the region a huge examine. As a pioneer of hydropower, he built Schaffhausen’s first hydroelectric plant and laid the keystone for future industrialization.

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