katmai National Park in Alaska declared the Fatty Bear

Alaska: the Katmai National Park located in the us state of Alaska is a famous home of bourdeo bears here every year. The most chubby bear competes every year. And this time the 409-bed badge won the ‘fibolus flab’ bear with the finest brown has been honored.

Katmai National Park Bear:

Biggest Bear in Katmai National Park

During the competition held between october 2 to october. As a result of ‘consumer bhaluo’ people. Every day throughout the week. People sent pictures of the best brown and under the opinion of the people. The thickest beard at each stage was included in the next phase.

The competition between 409 and 854 was continued. The 409 bed nose is a reflex. Whose nose is like a pearl of pearls and has been given the address of the most fat bear.

A few weeks later. The cold winter will go to the dream. Where it will spend most of the time sleeping. She is currently enjoying the salmon fish present in the lakes. “the competition aims to highlight the importance of safety and safety of the beard in the public.” kimmai park administration said. These bears dug well after june and july. So that they can live during the winter diet. ‘This competition is about beautiful and wonderful animals. But itself is covered between their lives and death.

Now in the next month (november) bear bear your swing and swim and not to make fun of fat bears. But to show their lives and struggles. The park has more than 2000 bears bear. Which reduces a third of our weight in winter dream but fortunately there is a huge quantity of salmon fish in the lake. Park administration has also placed cameras in place to see the bears and is encouraged to combine the masses.