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Irani and Persian mehndi designs (6)Iran is mostly known for its wonderful carpeting art, the Persian floras, embroidery, all over the world. Persian or Iran wedding custom goes back to the Zoroastrian tradition

. Through the concepts of the marriage have changed by Islam the factual ceremonies have continued more or less the same as they were earlier in the ancient Zoroastrian culture.

In Irani mehndi designs, we can feel the concluded look of Irani art and its culture.

This art of body painting is done with the use of a sharp cone of mehndi or henna, as the designs are figure lined extremely fine lines. Persian designs don’t cover the full hand and is not as fine as others. Henna in Persia has had such an awful impact on its civilization. Now let’s see some Irani and Persian bridal hand mehndi designs for girls and women.

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