Divorced of Reham Khan

You know that Imran Khan is a Chairman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf PTI. Imran Khan had gotten married with Reham Khan before 10 months ago. But now Imran Khan has fully decided to divorce his wife Reham Khan. London: Reham Khan has stated that there is some party leaders who are behind with their divorce. While giving message on Local TV Channel of Pakistan, Wife of Imran Khan has narrated that a Leader of PTI is very close to Imran Khan has very fully participation behind their separation. PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan has also announced that Imran Khan never spoke to her about this happening matter before.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s Divorce Decision

Se said that on yesterday it was decided. Reham Khan has also further described that they are not also legally divorced yet. This is the matter in court. She said again earlier on twitter that she and PTI Chairman have component ways. Imran confirmed his wife to file for divorce via twitter on Friday. “This is a aching time for me and Reham & our families; I would request everyone to respect our privacy, seclusion.” Few days ago PTI Spokesman “Naeemul Haque” said that the the couple has finalized to divorce with mutual consent.

Divorced between Imran Khan & Reham KhanImran Khan also said that due to the sensitive & seriousness of this complex substance it is request for media to shun and abstain from any conjecture “Naeemul Haque” told Geo News. Reham said that the divorce had not yet been completed while speaking to Geo News later from London. Imran also said that I have greatest respect for his wife Reham’s moral character & her passion, obsession to work for and help the disadvantaged. Reports and guesswork about financial settlements are completely false and discreditable. Prime Minister “Nawaz Sharif” has strongly counseled the “PML-N leaders and campaigners to not give any declarations or pass any kind of remarks about the personal life of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Divorced His Ex-wife Reham Khan

Former President “Asif Ali Zardari” also refused to comment on “Imran Khan’s Divorce matter”. It is their personal life. Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) “Bilawal Bhutto Zardari” has also desisted his party workers and leaders to pass out no comment and remarks or statements on the matter of Imran Khan Divorce.

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