Why do I have such a bad body odor?

In the month of July and August, the summer season is out of its limitations and have great impact on each of us in any ways. Some may exhaust, some may be blackish, some may be weak and some may have heat stroke. But each of us has to sweat in bulk. And on the other hand this problem is more irritating when the sweating have a smell that hurt us but others. The scientist has found the best solution for this sweat problem. the Experts have revealed that sweat erosion deodorant proves to be dangerous for the skin, which is considered to be in the final stage of preparing useful deodorant while considering.

How do you get rid of sweat smells in Body?

According to the International News Agency, research teams from Oxford and New York University studied the implicit effects on the skin of the Deodorant skin used to overthrow the skin of sweat sweat. Research showed that these products that sweat also kill the early bacteria. Which may cause infection in the lower part of the skin? How to shut up the sweating Smell? Scientists found solutions

Sweat is emitted from human skin, with two glands. A pink workout or physical work excludes sweat from all parts of the body so that the body is cool and it does not even smell it with sweat, it says Eccrine Gland, when the second glue removes sweat from these parts of the skin. Where the hair is, this flower is called Apocrine Gland. And there is a smell that sweeps out of the same gland.

Due to sowing from the epidemic gluttonous sweat, there is a presence of various complex medicines which also contain proteins that cause soybean, such as onions, trash and mucus, due to bacterial decomposition, but few The same bacteria are caused by bacteria, but most of the bacteria are useful for the skin, but the dentists end up doing billions of useful and hazardous bacteria.

Scientists say Steflox Cox Hominase bacterium plays the role of immune to transfer proteins in sweat and it causes fat in sweat. Therefore, more research on this subject can be prepared by dairying that can eliminate fat from sweat without eliminating the useful bacteria.