How to Match Tops and Skirts Together

How many of you favor wearing dresses instead of skirts because of one simple reason? No idea with what to match your skirt! I know that when wearing dresses you have nothing to worry about mixture (of course except shoes and accessories) but that’s easy. I am talking about putting together a whole outfit and believe me, I have seen some big fails this summer.

I have a simple rule when it comes to skirts: ‘Never buy a skirt unless you already have a top to match it with, or you procure both the skirt and top at the same time’. Or you plan to go shopping again very soon. When I first started having this big interest in fashion, I had few skirts in my closet that I never wore for years. Like a purple skirt I bought on my trip to India, really striking- I never got a chance to wear it because I had no top that would match with it. And I know that I am not the only one. There are many of you that have these ‘orphan’ skirts that are left and forgotten in some dark corner of your closet.

How to Match Tops and Skirts TogetherWell, not anymore. It is time to get all your skirts and tops out and figure out how to match them, or if you already know that nothing you have purchased suits with each other then it is time to get shopping only on I have put together these beautiful pictures of tops and skirts matched together so you all have a look at color combinations as well as styles.
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