How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shinny-Home Remedy

Having a beautiful and shinny hair is not as effortless as you might think. Well, for some it is because they are born with strong and splendid hair but without some preservation it will perhaps get smashed, burn or stop growing at extreme cases. I know some women have hard time growing their hair long the only reason that it doesn’t grow. There are many shampoo’s that avow to make your hair healthy and shinny but for you who have tried it all and still haven’t got the result you are looking for, don’t worry.

Today I am sharing with you all one of the best and effective home remedies you will ever try. I believe in the power of home remedies not only because they are cheap and affordable by everyone, but because they don’t have any side effects or damage your hair because the products we use are extremely all natural and herbal.

Apple cider vinegar has many uses but once of the best uses is on hair and making it smooth. Therefore start by mixing together a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and glycerin together until you generate a smooth paste. Add a beaten egg into the bowl and mix these three ingredients well together.

Now add two tablespoon of castor oil and continue mixing. Apply the combination on your hair, on all of it not just the ends. Although the ends are the ones that needed most, the roots and the rest of the hair needs good behavior also.

Put the hair into a plastic cap and wrap it all with a tower in the end and leave it like that for about two hours. After two hours pass, wash your hair with shampoo. Apply this mask on your hair twice a week for a month directly and you are going to see great result. I don’t think you need to continue this pretense for more than a month but if you think you need it for longer than its okay; apply it for more than a month. It all depends on how damaged your hair actually is.