Being a Nail Talent lover, I am always searching for well-organized and easy ways to do my nails. We, women know that it takes time to coat your nails. Not only to generate designs but to let them dry also, so who would actually want to expend the same quantity of time on removing it? None I think.

What I love most about this method is that it doesn’t untidiness with your fingers but the acetone only touches your nail and that is a great thing when it comes to beautiful hands.

For making this you will basically need cotton balls and acetone. And of course to follow the steps shown in the picture below. Start by making small hoop wit cotton balls and then wet them with acetone.

Put the wet cotton ball over your painted nails and abscond it there for about 2 minutes. After cleaning one hand, apply it on the other hand also. As you can see it takes 2 minutes for each hand, which means less than 5 minutes.

Try it, and you will thank me, I know you will! I don’t assert to own or invented this technique but significant is I decided to share it with you all; Enjoy and have fun doing it only on