Suggestions for puffy and swelling eyes
Easy Way To See Off Swelling Of The Eyes – Ankhon Ki Sozish Ko Khatam Karny K Tareeqy

Symptoms & Indication of Swollen Eyes

Eye exasperation, such as an itchy, prickly or irritating consciousness

Surplus scratch manufacture, resulting in watering eyes

Hindered sight (depending on the amount of the puffiness)

Reddishness of the eyelid

Red eyes and tenderness of the conjunctiva

Eye emancipation, or “mattering”

Eyelid dryness, waterlessness, hydrations or shedding

Pain, predominantly when swollen eyelids are caused by illness, disease.

Tips for swollen eyes 2016Causes of Swollen Eyes





5-Eye injuries.

In this description you can learn so easy tips and ways to get rid of swelling of the eyes at home. You can learn and apply these methods at your home to get rid of the eye’s swellings. You know that eyes are precious and essentials for all the human beings. Without this we can’t do any thing. For instance we can’t see any things in the world. We can’t work properly without this. These are the God gifted Eyes to the human, and the human can’t deny the presence of GOD. It’s undeniable features and parts of body.

Tips For Swelling Eyes At Home

Eyes, ear, mouth and nose even every parts of body are essentials for a perfect man. so as these parts compulsory that is why its functions are also vital for happily life. It is not matter that a man’s face colors are black, red or white, but matter is that the parts and functions of the bodies are very necessary. You look beautiful if your eyes are present, even you’ll look so attractive and happy. So GOD bestowed us these important things and functions in our bodies, so it is also our duty and goal to keep these parts of the bodies safe, active and beautiful and healthy for spending good and en-joyful life.

Diminish swelling eyes by CucumbersBut i know 95 % peoples don’t care about these things, which are work for us, which keep us alive and happy like heart, brain, lungs, stomach, bones, skull, hands and foots etc. So here we are talking about the care of our eyes at every moment and cost. If we don’t accept it and ignore the facts so we become a patient of blind, deaf, dumb, lame etc. At bad atmosphere and bad climate our eyes can damage, because eyes catch dust & dirt and same time get into any types of trouble. Like problem in watching or seeing, black shadows, swellings, and lackness of vision.

Ankhon Ki Soojan Se Najaat

First of all the eyes starts swelling. And we see dark circles around our eyes. All these things diminish the beauty of our eyes. But you don’t you don’t worry about it has assembled some beautiful and perfect tips for your eyes to save from these germs and dust.

Treatment of Swollen Eyes

use of water can give you profit1-Water

Water is the easiest way to get rid of puffy and swollen eyes is to drink water as much as you can, so to still well hydrated so have to drink and swallow almost 10 to 12 glasses of wate each day.

Cold spoons to lessen swollen eyes2- Cold Spoons

Chill 6 or 7 metal spoons in your refrigerator for only 12 to 15 minutes. Then hold the rounded part of one of the child spoon to your eyes for a moment until the spoon becomes warm, so replace it with another cold one from the refrigerator.

Use tea bags for swelling eyes 3-Tea Bags

Soak 2 Tea Bags in the hot water for a while so, then take them out and leave them cool down. Lie down after that paste the tea bags over your eyelids and cover them with a soft clothes.

Diminish swelling eyes by Cucumbers4-Cucumbers & Potatoes

Cut a cucumber into small pieces then make chill the slices in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes after that place the cold pieces of cucumbers on your eyelids for about 10 minutes or until they become warm. Repeat the process so many times in a day to get rid of swollen & puffy eyes .

Tips for swelling eyes use egg white.5-Egg Whites

Take eggs than separate the yolks of two eggs and put the whites in a bowl or cup. Whip the eggs whites completely until you get a stiff consistency. Add a few drops of witch hazel, a natural skin-tightening astringent. Use a brush or soft cloth to apply this mixture under your eyes and let it to dry for while. Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this process every day until you get rid of puffy and swollen eyes.

The pic show the patotes are useful for eyes swelling.6-Potatoes

Take some patatoes wash and dry a small potato. To remove of it’s upper layer keep it in a clean cloth and tie it. After this put this clothes over your eyelids for long while. Do the process several times in a day until the puffiness and swollen subsides.

Wash your eyes and face with cold water.7-Cold Water

Wash your face with the several splashes of ice-colds water. Do this a few times in a day as needed.

Salt Water for puffy & swelling eyes8-Salt Water

Mix up ½ spoons of salt in a bowl or teacup having 4 cups of water. Before applying it at your eyes and face make it sure that the water is not too hot. Immerse cotton balls or wool eye pads in this warm salty water than place them over your eyelids for a few moments. Repeat the process for 20 to 25 minutes.

Utilize Strawberry for puffy eyes9-Strawberries

Buy some strawberries and take some chilled strawberries from the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Eradicate the tops and slice them into thick &small pieces. Lie down and place the slices under your eyes for long times.

Tips to get rid of swelling eyes by Aloe Vera10-Aloe Vera

Applying Aloe Vera gel on the area of your eyes it will improve blood circulation and flush out the fluids around the eyes, consequently plummeting inflammation.

Methods to reduce eye's swelling