Herom: Nail Care Specialist with Quality Beauty Products

Herome! Does the name of this brand tell you anything? She is well known for her bestseller nail hardener, which has revolutionized the care of brittle nails. Herome is not only the creative brand of this miracle care; it is a home specialist nail care. We cannot imagine the number of nail treatments offered by this family home.I had the chance to get to know HEROME and their team a few months ago. I made some very nice discoveries that I want to share with you in this article. Herom: Nail Care Specialist with Quality Beauty Products

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History of the Herome Brand

Herome is a house that was created by Margreet Van Roemburg in the Netherlands. It all began when traveling to London and she discovered a product that strengthens the nails with impressive efficiency.

She then returns to the Netherlands to develop the nail hardener. This will be followed by the creation of a house dedicated to nail care.

The Hardener Herome, the Star of the House

So it is the nail hardener * that launched and made the reputation of the Herome house in France. This revolutionary and powerful treatment repairs in a 15 day cure the most damaged nails.

On the other hand, it can be misused by lack of knowledge. So I take the time to thoroughly test this care to offer you a complete article later that will explain everything about the Herome * nail hardener and how to use it well.

I told you earlier, we know very well the nail hardener but we have no idea the impressive amount of care that the house Herome offers.

I had the chance to spend a lot of time with the HEROME team during a seminar. I discovered all the care offered by the brand, their benefits and how to use. I was also lucky to receive a lot of them to test. So I will perform and talk to you about each treatment as and when my tests.

Herome Exfoliating Gel for Cuticles – My Opinion

Among the treatments that charmed me during this seminar, I loved the gel exfoliating for cuticles *. This small, thick nail-based gel contains small exfoliating grains that help remove unsightly dead skin on our nails.

A few minutes of installation and then just massage the base of the nails slightly to eliminate dead skin and the gesture is very pleasant (easy with this care formulated with almond oil) and the effective care smoothly. I use it now regularly. My nails are much more beautiful without these small skins.

Herome Natural Pink and Whitening Nail Polish – My Opinion

This varnish has put stars in my eyes. Here is a varnish to affix in one or two layers that makes the nail pinker and whiter, the white edge of the nail. This pink and whitening HEROME * whitening lacquer ideal when you want to wear a clear varnish while having very beautiful nails.

If you have nails that tend to yellow this polish will be perfect for you and a very good way to have beautiful and clean nails without many manicures

Glass Nail File Herome – My Opinion

I had already seen glass nail files * but without really knowing what their benefits are. I learned that a glass nail file is hard wearing (but beware it is breakable). It also allows filing the nail without restructuring, which is less violent than using a cardboard nail file.

Finally, with a glass nail file we can file our nails in both directions, while with a cardboard file, it is recommended to file the nails in one direction to avoid damaging it. The nail files in Hero me glass * are sold with a protective case to prevent breakage and facilitate their transportation.

Herome Cuticle Regrowth – My Opinion

What are intelligently proposed by HEROME are the cone-shaped flasks. Cuticle regrowth is integrated into the applicator tip. They are a little hard on the other hand. If you want a more flexible, I recommend the HEROME * cuticle regrowth. It is softer and a little more manageable too.