Get rid of blackheads: Easy Methods

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Question: How to get rid of blackheads on the nose and other parts of the face and body?

The black dots is the nightmare of thousands of men and women. Preventing or getting rid of them is no easy task, but with discipline and patience, you can make changes in your face preventing outbreaks become or proliferating in other areas of your face. Discover how to combat in simple steps.

Answer: Get rid of blackheads

The famous black dots that appear on areas such as the nose, chin, around the lips, and cheeks are just dead cells mixed with sebum. Look darker by oxidation on the surface. Contrary to popular belief, blackheads are not always connected with acne, but rather to excess oil production, which is why in the summer when it’s hot, are more abundant.

Note that the black dots or “brads” are not exclusive to teenagers. If your skin produces much sebum, your skin is oily in nature, or do not clean your skin properly, it is possible that the present even in adulthood. As stated at the beginning, deleting requires time and effort, so put into practice the tips below once and for all!


It is imperative that you maintain a routine cleaning constantly, both day and night. Cosmetics expired, excess sweat in the gym, do not remove makeup, etc.., are contributing factors to appearing more blackheads.

Depending on your skin type, wash, tone, and moisturize your face as usual. Look for products with agents “extras” such as salicylic acid or sulfur, to help with outbreaks. Check with your doctor if you are expectant. Recommendations: Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol or any line cleaners Neutrogena. Your budget is flexible? Includes a rotating brush like the Clarisonic, your skin will be six times cleaner.


Yes, it is common that your first reaction is squeezing blackheads until “go”. Please do not do this and you run the risk of causing premature wrinkling or damage the surface of the skin. The black dots, sometimes, are easy to use home remedies for blackheads such as steam, exfoliation, facial tissues or tools for the face. If you opt for exfoliating, the best are those of coarse grain.

Of course, there are so stubborn blackheads as the same owners. They need a little more attention and you may have to go with an expert or beautician. Monthly treatments or extractions by a professional, although costly, are helpful.

Specific treatments

We understand that not everyone has the means to pay for a facial. The good news is that dozens of beauty companies have created specific products to fade and prevent blackheads from the comfort of your home. Betting on masks or mineral-based treatments, calcium or clay; also ointments with a percentage of salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

Our favorites? Mario Badescu Silver Powder , economic powder specially designed for combat-hateful blackheads even deeper. The results are visible from the first day of use, just make sure to be consistent and repeat the treatment several times a week.

The Balm Aloe Spearmint Face Mask is a mask that is for oily skin, cleans every pore and makes them thinner as time passes. Meanwhile, La Roche- Posay Effaclar Duo is perfect for people with acne, however, we noticed that removes blackheads in a satisfactory manner.


From time to time, place masks homemade yogurt or oatmeal, use nose strips to remove blackheads or stay focused on your routine to include some of the above recommendations. Do not stand with folded arms! If your skin is fat, it is almost impossible that you remove all the fat that is produced. In these cases, consistency is key to a glowing complexion.

There is no point that out but you go on with your routine. Blackheads can return within days or weeks, so it is an ongoing struggle. You should try to keep your pores clean and “closing” astringent tonics or showers with cold water (hot water opens them).

Get rid of blackheads: Easy Methods

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