The power varies depending on the diameter of the branches to be cut, and therefore, depending on the type of branch and its cutting system. The thicker the branches, the more powerful the tool should be and the fewer traffic jams will form. The correspondences would be the following:

How to buy the best garden Best & Cheap chipper shredder

Branches ≤ 35 mm: electric blade chippers from 2000 to 2 200 W.

Branches from 38 to 45 mm: electric rotor crusher or turbine from 2 200 to 2 500 W.

Branches> 50 mm: 3 300 W thermal crusher


Before buying the crusher, you have to take into account certain criteria!


Even with a lightweight crusher, about 15 kg, you run the risk of splitting your back when transporting or storing it. The more powerful the crusher, the greater its weight. Always choose the best garden chippers equipped with wheels.


Supply tube

The supply duct is located above the chippers and is where the branches are introduced. Those that are funnel-shaped facilitate the feeding of the crusher, which allows increasing the speed of the crushing.

An integrated tank of recovery of the crushed

The waste container is an element that incorporates certain models of crushers. The blade disk chippers are usually equipped with a forward ejection tank. Rotor or turbine crushers, in general, have this element.

Sound level

The sound level, expressed in decibels (dB), ranges between 85 and 105 dB. Therefore, if they tell you that a chipper does not generate noise it is false, do not believe it! The electric motor is a little noisy although a rotor cutting system is even more so. Thanks to its rotation flow, slower than other systems, it emits a maximum of 88 decibels. Protect your ears!

Convenience of use

With regard to starting, the start-up of an electric crusher is easier because it does not need any adjustments. At the practical level of the different cutting systems, the blade and rotor disk drives require the use of an impeller (sold separately), to push the branches into the crusher. This problem does not occur with the turbine system, being more resistant to traffic jams.

Storage facility

Given the size of the crusher, better if they are collapsible! Because between the hedge trimmer, the lengthening chainsaw, and the lawnmower, you will immediately cram the garage or the garden shed!


Tips for choosing the garden chippers

The type of vegetation, the size of the branches, and the garden are some of the main elements that must be taken into account when choosing garden chippers.

To ensure its proper functioning, it must be well-maintained, especially thermal crushers.

Before any maintenance, operation turn off the crusher and wait until it has finished crushing!

To avoid cutting your fingers, do not touch the blades directly but with the help of a brush. Remember that the edge of the leaves for the garden chippers is sharp!


As for the care of the machinery, grease what needs to be greased and periodically clean the part of the engine (the protection grid also), from the waste of the crushed.