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Winter weather can beautify the ground with beautiful snowy landscapes and can provide a host of pleasurable out-of-door activeness. It can be inspiring to be away allowed you take certain forethought to protect your feet.

During cold and moist weather conditions it is significant to keep your feet warm and ironic. It can be vital for the elderly and people with circulation problems such as Raynaud’s syndrome and especially important for diabetics. During cold weather, the body moves the blood away from the outer limbs such as the fingers and toes in order to maintain a constant body temperature.

That is why your fingers and toes feel colder and subsequently numb with drawn-out photographs to cold weather.

Follow These Instructions:

Wear thicker non-constricting socks.

Wear comfortable fitting (never too tight) waterproof boots.

Should your feet be exposed to cold and dampness for any prolonged period Do NOT put them in HOT water, near a flame (such as a fireplace) or use a heating pad?

Instead, soak them in warm water at a constant temperature gradually allowing the feet to regain their normal temperature.

Be careful to not let the water get hot.

Dry them thoroughly and repeat the process if necessary.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Feet still perspire even in cold weather and can lead to fungal infections. It is important to clean and dry the feet thoroughly each day and change socks daily too. Have a happy and healthy new year.