Feeha Jamshed- Teejays latest collection 2013

trendy collection by feehaFeeha Jamshed has got the trend of fashion from her father Mr.Tanveer Jamshed.  Feeha Jamshed is the daughter of famous Tanveer Jamshed one of the pioneers in creating an consciousness of fashion among Pakistanis through his signature trademark Teejays established in 1970. She is the only beneficiary to Teejays and has been working under the eponymous label with her friend Rizwanullah.   Feeha is progressive in her designs and takes risks with her eccentric cuts and going away from female norms.

She believes in portraying the strength of the female form through her designs to break through customary barriers. She manages to combine personality from the East and West to create truly single ensembles for the fashionable women of Pakistan.  She worked hard as her Father Tanveer Jamshed.  In her work she used latest embroidery technology.  Women appreciate her work.  When she completes her fashion design training she started work.  In her work she paid her totally attention on her work.  Now lets see Feeha jamshed nice and trendy collection 2013….