Italian famous fashion designer missoni (6)

A company interpretative said Missoni, who was known by intimately everyone by his flyspeck “Tai,” died during the night at the family home in northern town of Sumirago, contiguous to the company factory. Missoni, who was exculpated from hospital last week after being dealt for heart problems, constituted the company with his wife Rosita, whom he met while contending in the 1948 London Olympics, where he ran the 400 meters hurdles. The pair married in Italy and made track suits in a small workshop near Rosita’s home village, and later awarded their first vesture collection in Milan in 1958, just at the beginning of what came to be known as Italy’s economic miracle.

Their designs caught the attention of a fashion world that was turning away from high fashion towards “ready-to-wear” styles and they made high-profile quislings in 1965 with designer Emmanuelle Kahn. The Missoni brand hit the newspaper headline in 1967 with what become known as the “battle of the bras“. Rosita had told models to bump off their bras before sending them onto the runway at a major show in Firenze so that the colors of the bras would not show through the knitwear. Missoni came out on the covers of international fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. The brand is now a phratry that designs everything from sweaters to sheets to hotels. It is run by the founders’ children and several grandchildren.