Explore the Various Ways Web Design is Fired by Instagram

Instagram has grown to be the ideal launch pad for cohesive social and mobile marketing endeavors. Reputed companies like Urban Outfitters, Taco Bell, and even Chobani are constantly exploiting this opportunity for making Instagram content prominent and attractive on their websites.

As per SMM experts, the key to creating a synergy between a website and Instagram is effectively incorporating valuable user-generated content which is sent by the most loyal customers or fans of the brands. Since digital marketers are constantly thinking about creating online content for mobile-only and mobile-first, social media platforms such as Instagram certainly play a pivotal role for all these marketers. Top class brands are also, tapping this popular social media platform for fueling powerful content for even the conventional channels. Explore the Various Ways Web Design is Fired by Instagram

Today brands that have achieved Insta-fame are obviously not restricting themselves to publishing brand generated content exclusively within Instagram. Top brands are actually sourcing user-generated content which is effectively showcasing their brand and promoting it much beyond social media platforms by integrating this content seamlessly into other digital and conventional channels.

Understanding Buyer Psychology

More and more people are accessing the online sites through their mobile phones and other portable devices. People are using their phones to upload pictures and share visual content that gives brands and marketers a great opportunity to connect and interact with consumers on a much deeper level.

So it is important to have a website that is not only intuitive but also has a mobile-friendly interface. For successful branding and marketing purposes, it is important for web designers to understand the buyer behavior.

Brands could build their online presence by leveraging the emotions and user-generated content. These must be integrated into the digital marketing endeavors and into company websites. Social and mobile would be continuing to gain traction by the day.

Given the degree of engagement that could be triggered by the social media platforms such as Instagram, smart businesses would be thinking of ways to weave high-quality Instagram content seamlessly into their company websites. This could even boost the number of real Instagram followers.

Visual Storytelling

Potential customers would tend to engage with product pictures shared on Instagram by their friends and family. Consumers would trust more on the recommendations of other Instagram users as compared to advertisers.

Moreover, On Instagram, companies are not only able to showcase their unique products; they are able to share pictures of lifestyle woven around their products. They are keen on showcasing the environments where their products are actually used and they also, upload pictures focusing on the lifestyle of their product users. Some pictures documenting behind-the-scene moments go a long way in helping potential customers to get a clearer understanding of what the brand is all about.


Social media platforms and websites complement each other. Therefore, all those brands that are smart enough to combine the two in their online marketing endeavors could extend their reach dramatically. Web design trends are also impacted by Instagram’s success and web designers understand the importance of integrating the two for building a robust online presence, driving more traffic, and boosting sales.