Dove best skin care products

The winter months can be criticized skin; the cold weather and acerb winds can sap critical wet from your skin, leaving it feeling dry, listless, and crying out for extra aliment and care. What ameliorates way to beat the cool than with the edition Dove Winter Care range which has been fondly created to winter-proof skin from cold spells leaving it protected and pampered all season long.

With its revolutionary Abstruse Care Complex, it contains a blend of caring ingredients including skin-natural nutrients and rich essential oil, designed to provide the essential nourishment skin needs to stay beautifully soft and smooth.

Care Nourishing Body Lotion – the luxurious formulation provides skin with the care it needs to protect it during the winter months, keeping it looking and feeling healthy all day, every day

  1. Winter Care Cream – a rich, intensive moisturizer designed to wrap dry skin in a blanket of nourishment
  2. Winter Care Hand Cream – designed to help protect and moisturize the skin to ensure they are kept soft and smooth
  3.  Winter Care Nourishing Body Wash helps ensure skin is kept moisturized and protected right from the start of your day With the Limited Edition Dove Winter Care range we’re certain that it will help your skin will stay smooth and protected, so you can look and feel amazing whilst enjoying the festive season!