Cat-Eye Eyeliner Tutorial 2014 for Girls and Women

We all love the cat’s eyes, so unexplained and appealing that makes us wonder what’s behind those eyes! Well, today I will show you an easy and overwhelming trick to achieve that look by simply using black eye shadow. Black eyeliner is the number one beauty trick every girl should know. It only takes few minutes to apply it, and it can actually change your entire face!

You will need gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliner, whatever is easier for you to work with. I like to use pencil eyeliner because I am used to it and it feels like it’s easier to apply but that depends on which one you are used to. I would muscularly recommend if you apply foundation or a cream powder to cover skin limitation or to simply make your eyeliner pop!
Some women have it easier to apply a single line when applying eyeliner-but to be honest you have to be a pro to take such a risk because if your life goes on the wrong direction even for just a little bit, your whole makeup will be ruined! That’s why this tutorial shows you how to apply perfect eyeliner slowly and carefully.

Start by lining a winged line by the end of your eyelid such as the first picture indicates. Then make it like a triangle based on the second picture. Then very slowly line a thick line on your eyelid such as shown in the picture number three. Now is time to fill them in. This is easy because you have already done the hardest part but it is good to be cautious as you don’t want to fill in more than the initial line. Apply black mascara and there you have it! stunning cat-eye looks in only few minutes. Give it a go and you will fall in love with this look, trust me!

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