Breathtaking Makeup Tutorial for all occurrence and occasions

When it comes to special occasions, we all know that the perfect makeup is not that easy. I think that is because many women find it hard to figure out how to apply the right makeup that simply matches with their face figures, dress and of course the occasion. Today I will share with you all, a beautiful makeup that matches with all eye colours, dresses and everything else. This is the hottest makeup going around and you should definitely try it. Start by applying a very light golden eyeshadow (shimmery) all over your eyelid and carefully with a brush make sure to blend the colour very well. Then with a brown pencil, give your brows the wonderful shape that suits to your face figures.

 Breathtaking Makeup Tutorial for all occurrence and occasionsApply light brown eyshadow by the end of your eyelid such as the picture tutorial on the left indicates and then gently apply the same colours close to your lower lashes as well. With a black pencil (or liquid gel) apply a thick line close to your lashes by creating the wings that creates the cat-eye effect.

 Breathtaking Makeup Tutorial for all occurrence and occasionsTake a hot red lipstick and slowly fill your lips with it(of a better effect, have a look at my previous article on how to apply a perfect red lipstick). And there you have it! Gorgeous eye makeup that is not only classy but also matches perfectly all special occasions! But how about wearing this makeup daily? It is possible. Instead of the red lipstick, go for something more natural such as peach or beige. Enjoy!

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