10 types of Breakfast Offered at Mumbai Square in London

Mornings are not their favorite part of the day for most people. The later you can get out of bed, the better – but often you have to be at work or college on time. And that means that a good breakfast is always in the hurry!

Then you can of course buy a croissant at the station, but that is not the healthiest option. How can you have a good breakfast? With a nice breakfast to take with you, of course! We are going to five give you no less than 10 delicious recipes you can enjoy in breakfast at Mumbai Square, best Indian restaurant in London. 10 types of Breakfast Offered at Mumbai Square in London

Types of Breakfast Offer at Mumbai Square

These ten breakfast recipes are partly savory, partly sweet. So you will always find something you are hungry for! With the ideal breakfast to take away, your busy morning will be (almost) a party.

  1. Overnight oats

Overnight oats is an ideal way to prepare oatmeal. Instead of cooking it, put it in the fridge one night before. The next morning it is ready to be put in your bag. Helpful Hint: if you put the overnight oats in an empty jam jar, you will not run the risk of leaks between your stuff.

We give you a recipe for overnight oats in this blog. Of course you can endlessly vary with different types of fruit and other seasonings!

  1. Chia pudding

A similar kind of recipe, but with chia seed, is chia pudding. Here too the preparation is very simple. Mix all the ingredients in the evening, let stand overnight, and you’re done. At most you can, for example, add some fresh fruit in the morning. A basic recipe for chia pudding can be found here!

  1. Banana bread

Banana bread is another classic that comes across on our blog with some regularity. Not for nothing: it is very tasty, healthy, and easy to advance. Freeze banana bread just in two slices, and you always have breakfast to take with you! You can find a tasty recipe here.

Do you think the banana bread in itself is too little for the morning? Treat it with a nice layer of nut butter, add another piece of fruit, and you have a good base to start the day with.

  1. Oatmeal muffins

Another favorite in the healthy pastry category are healthy oatmeal muffins. With this basic recipe you can quickly make a supply for a few days. Add some extra fruit and nuts for the variation, and you have a breakfast to take with you that will not get bored for the moment!

  1. Well invested sandwich

There is nothing wrong with a tasty sandwich in the morning. Of course it is wise to choose healthy siege. Think for example of low-fat meats, cheese, nut paste or hummus. There you can add some vegetables or fruit. For example, tasty options include raw vegetables, mashed avocado or thin slices of banana with your peanut butter.

Of course you can always toast your sandwiches the night before. If you want to make it really easy, you can also prepare your breakfast for a week and freeze the bread with toppings. Take one serving to the fridge the night before and you’re done!

  1. Egg muffins

Another savory option that you can easily prepare in large quantities: egg muffins. The recipe is very simple: beat some eggs with pieces of vegetables, cheese, herbs and other seasonings. Bake muffins for about 20 minutes in about 20 minutes. You have a kind of omelets, but easier to take with you!

  1. Eggs in a jar

Are you fond of eggs, but not necessarily omelet? You can also simply bake your eggs – in a jar, so that they can easily be eaten on the go. Simply grease an old jam jar, and fill it to taste with fried vegetables, mushrooms and for example chicken. Break one or two eggs and season with pepper and salt.

Put the jars in a large pan and fill them until half way through the jars with water. Bring to the boil and let stand for 15-20 minutes, or until the eggs are cooked to taste!

  1. Quinoa fruit salad

Fruit is always delicious at breakfast, but unfortunately only an apple fills the whole morning. The solution: add a little extra filling. Mix cut strawberries, apple or other fruit of your choice with some cold, cooked quinoa. Add some lemon juice and possibly a drop of honey, and your breakfast is ready!

  1. Yogurt with fruit

Yoghurt is again one of those products that you can take with you in a closed jar. Fill it with fruit and nuts, and you have a hearty breakfast. However, it is better to store those toppings until the morning separately, otherwise they will quickly become soggy … Fortunately, and it still takes no more than a minute to mix everything!

  1. Smoothie

Do you never have such a hunger in the morning? Then a smoothie can be a good way to easily get a lot of nutrients. Here too you can easily make large quantities of it, and then drink it over the course of several days. In this blog you will find five delicious breakfast smoothie recipes!