Best Gamer Mouse Buying Guide

Buying your gamer mouse is probably the most important thing, after the PC itself. Having a good mouse to play provides real benefits in terms of response time, dpi, ergonomics or gliding. End the bad excuses when you lose! We will offer you the best mouse on the market! Best Gamer Mouse Buying Guide

How to choose

  • The shape

It must be adapted as much as possible to the morphology of your hand.  Avoid models that are too big or big if you have small hands and vice versa. It’s up to you to adapt the shape to your way of playing. Left-handed users will favor dedicated models or ambidextrous mouse.

  • The style

It is a criterion specific to each; it must obviously please you if you want to keep it long.

No worries builders do not lack imagination and there is something for everyone

  • The weight

The weight must also influence  your choice, people with a fairly intensive use (gamers, computer graphics …..) will preferably use gamer mouse fairly light or moderate weight on pain of getting tired quickly wrist. Many models have weight that can be used to ballast or not to maximize the comfort of use.

  • Wire or wireless

The gamers focus mainly on wired mouse and considered to be the best mouse for overwatch. Not to worry about the level of loading of the mouse but also because an efficient wireless technology at a financial cost. They are therefore generally quite expensive.

Wireless Mouse: Typically, this type of device communicates via a Bluetooth interface. (Wi-Fi can also be used or Fast RF technology at Logitech.)

  • The sensor (DPI)

The value to monitor is its DPI (dots per inch) resolution or its English dpi (dot per inch) equivalent. The higher this value, the more precise the mouse and above 4000 dpi, you have a product that is already starting to make a difference.

To make “simple”, a mouse with a high number of DPI will have its cursor move quickly by barely moving it.

On the other hand, the movement of the mouse with less DPI on the mat will have to be greater to obtain a similar result.

  • Laser or optics

Optical Mouse:  With the optical gamer mouse, the movement of the mouse cursor on the screen is determined by means of shots obtained with an LED that emits light on a surface and is transmitted through lenses, to a sensor. All that remains is for the sensor to analyze the asperities (of the surface on which the mouse is based) to calculate the trajectory and retransmit it on the screen.

Laser Mouse:  Same principle as optics but uses a beam that allows the sensor to receive much sharper shots as a result, the cursor movement will be much more precise.

For this type of technology, the use of glass mats (or surfaces) is not recommended.

  • The number of buttons

The number of programmable buttons (macros) is fundamental. If for the average person, 3 buttons (2 buttons + wheel) will be sufficient (office) see 5 for scrolling pages, players (FPS, MMO …..) and other graphic designers will look to models ranging from 5 to more than 15 buttons.

  • Cheap Gamer Mouse – Entry Level

With the Harpoon mouse, Corsair integrates the essence of gaming into a compact and accessible mouse! With its small size, its RGB backlight and its muscular performance, it will prove excellent for those who have the baguette or who have a reduced budget.

Based on an optical sensor with an adjustable resolution of up to  6000 DPI , the Harpoon RGB has all the precision needed to reach your targets and fly in FPS and action games, where every millimeter can make the difference between a shot successful or not. The 1000 Hz polling-rate ensures a perfect reactivity of the mouse at 1 m.

Harpoon RGB’s sophisticated ergonomics give you a comfortable grip, matching the shape of your hand, and a firm hold with textured under-the-thumb coverage. Stand out with your own color thanks to the 16.8 millioncolors LED RGB lighting system

  • Asus Cerberus Mouse

This ambidextrous optical mouse concentrates most of the gaming mouse to bring you a comfortable gaming experience every day. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you will have no problem using the Asus Cerberus mouse with its ambidextrous shape. Its flanks have been studied to ensure a comfortable grip with the presence of anti-slip grips. Finally find two additional buttons placed at the thumb of each side of the mouse. This allows you to have access to the previous and next office functions, while having additional controls in play.

  • Steel series Rival 110

Steel Series has decided to focus all its gaming builder know-how in this mouse to create an affordable and devilishly effective gaming mouse. The chassis has already proven itself and is a reliable value for the brand with a shape suitable for both claw grip and palm grip fans.

Incorporating the Steel Series TrueMove1 optical sensor developed with PixArt, the latter achieves a maximum resolution of 7200 dpi by embedding several possible settings, including the stall height. There are also 6 programmable buttons with a wheel still comfortable. A discreet backlight is also part of it, customizable according to more than 16.8 million colors!