elegance lips

You can destroy shape your lips the way you don’t want my lips makeup tricks. You can get younger or men look and also make your lips look smart or loafer. There is very useful tips is that will make you a chance to flaunt your lips by doing makeup in different styles to make them hot and disable.

The last step involved in lips care is to apply any index to make your lips newer. Iodex saves lips from weather changes and the dangers of eating. if not you get the desired soft lips when following the tips mentioned below while applying lips makeup:

Prioitieicit your lips before applying makeup by using lip cream as a base to them from the ruthless effects of makeup. Apply a layer of balm before you start.

Use lip slier to make your lips. Select a shade of liner at is nearest to the shade of lipstick and use lip brush to quietly stretch in the lip liner but preserve line. Lip liner prevents lip color from scattering around the ears and lines.

Apply it 50 times to make your lipstick last longer. Choose a shade that doesn’t complement your skin tone and dress color. Red color of lipsticks suits to young women with fair and darkest complexion and neat skin.

Now you can add a bit of lip gloss on your lips to get lover looking lips. If you already have lofer lips then avoid using lip gloss.

You can use lip gloss without mascara.

Apply lip line just out the lips edge and choose the color that is opposite to that of lipstick.

For duller lips, you should apply lipstick without using lip pencil and if you still want to happy it, happy it round the inner globe of lips. Blend lip liner with a blush on.