Beautiful Winter Shoes Collection 2013 by Purple Patch

Purple Patch Stylish Party Wear Winter Shoes 2013 Collection For Girls 08Recently Purple Patch has Launched new briend young ladies shoes & jeweiry, Purple Patch is owned by two ,The owners (Sumaiya Lawai & Nissa Razzak)first started out displaying footwear designs at their house and now they have a small piece at BnB Fittings & Conceptuer’s Salon. Purple Patch was started in 2010. In quite a short period of time, it has collected many reliable fans and has become very popular. People, specially young women, highly rise the fashionable shoes of the brand. The Purple Patch Latest Shoes designs 2012 have been made rendering to the latest values of quality and are available through Pakistan.

This shoes collection included colorful and beautiful footwear for women. They all are contented, stylish and of progress reasonable. Purple Patch Eid Winter Shoes Collection is stylish lightweight, comfortable, soft, wearable, sweat, breathable and very relaxed to feet, so your feet. Purple Patch variety 2012 includes different types of shoes including plain and stone decorated ones. Let’s have a look at Purple Patch Shoes 2012 collection for girls and women.

The brand caters to all sorts of women from housewives to business women. I

t provides its shoes through several multi-brand stores in Pakistan. It presently delivers its shoes through BnB fittings, Karachi, Inquiries Couture, Lahore, Modeville, Islamabad and Ayzel, Islamabad.