Batik summer lawn collection 2013-2014 by Moon Textile

moon stylish lawnBatik lawn 2013 has discovered just now by Moon Textile. Lawn suits in diverse colors are there in this collection. Some days before. Batik lawn has a large number of different printed designs Barkha lawn 2013 was brought out by Moon Textile.  Quite familiar and conceptual designs can be seen on the stylish dresses in Batik lawn 2013.  All the clothes in the collection have prints on the shirts and dupattas and have shalwars that are plain. The fabrics of Batik lawn can be used for making great casual wear dresses.

it is now one of the most successful firms in the worldwide textile and fashion industry. It is proud to offer good quality textiles and innovative products. The main cause for the achievement of Moon Textile is that it has never been fully fulfilled with its status and has always strived to achieve more. Moon Textile also offers Barkha lawn in addition to Batik lawn and both of these prints are quite renowned. The fabrics of Moon Textile are available through fabric stores across the nation. So, if you want some fabrics for creating cool casual wear clothes for the summers, go for Batik lawn 2013 by Moon Textile. There are some pictures of Batik lawn collection 2013.