Ayesha Khurram Winter Kurta collection 2014-15

Ayesha Khurram Embroidered Kurta Collection Women Style (6)Ayesha Khurram has been in the fashion business for 10 years, and last summer, she decided to expand her pret line by launching her very own signature store. The launch focused on the new line, which boasted many elegant yet contemporary designs – using a combination of embroidery and sequins that has yet to be seen in Pakistan. The experimentation with patterns, figures and faces has been a phenomenal success and continues to be a trendsetter in the Pakistani fashion market. Recently she branched out further, and her new shop is now open at MM-Alam in addition to one in DHA Lahore.

She knows very well what customer is demanding and how to satisfy them and their fashion requirements. Last year she opened a fashion boutique with her signature. Her collections are also available at L’ATELIER, ASMANI, Ellémint|P R Ê T (Karachi), LABELS and THE DESIGNER’S. Ayesha Khurram is also famous in foreign countries like Dubai, UK, Canada and USA. In this article we bring latest women wear collection by her. This collection is named as “Ayesha Khurram Embroidered Kurta Collection Women Style” and in this stylish shirts and kurtas are available.

These shirts and kurtas are made with chiffon, karandi, linen and silk fabric and some of them have embroidery work printed on them. All shirts present in this collection are of full sleeves and some kurtas are present with tight pajamas. Mostly young generation and fashion loving women will attract to this collection. Color contrast of these shirts are quiet dazzling. We hope women will like this collection. More images are available bottom of the page of this “Ayesha Khurram Embroidered Kurta Collection Women Style”.