See here beautiful photos of cute actress Mahira Khan at Lux Tvc Launch Event 2018. Get beautiful pictures of Actress Mahira Khan Spot At Lux TVC Ceremony.   The unavoidable issue remained will’s identity the legend of the TVC?

Obviously, there is dependably a heartthrob in the advertisement that serenades the Lux young lady!Mahira Khan Spot At Lux TVC Ceremony (2)

So at long last the secret was tackled the previous evening and Shehryar Munawar was uncovered as the following Lux cutie! Indeed, Mahira Khan will perpetually be the Lux Queen and she most likely stole the spotlight.

For Maya and Mawra, it is only the start and there is still alot to be finished by the rising stars of this brand. Lux’s battles have constantly gotten astonishing reactions from the group of onlookers.

The objective market adores to see its most loved brand being advanced by their most loved stars, increasing the value of the magnificence item. Its decision of big name underwriting has presented uncommon credits to the brand that it might have needed something else.

Yet again, Lux has Strived to pick the best stars to keep the Lux rituanl of VIP supports alive. See beautiful Actress Mahira Khan Spot At Lux TVC Ceremony pictures photos here.