Last month, I got an evaluation assignment for a website. This was some web development Nevada business that has been operational for over a year. The main concern of the business wasn’t the lack of traffic, rather it was about the conversion optimization. The website was actually receiving a fair bit of consistent traffic through various channels, however, somehow the traffic was not converting into customers.

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Now, the web design seems to be pretty much professional at first glance. However, it was when I inspected the technical details of the website that I realize that there were actually various loopholes that contributed to outflow of traffic from the website.

A Comprehensive Case Study of 02 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in Making you Business:

Now that the loopholes have been fixed and that web development Nevada business is doing pretty better with conversion optimization, I thought to share with you the experience with respect to this particular case study, which might also help you in getting your web development project out of the customer leaking loopholes.


– Content Optimization

The first mistake that I pinpointed for the website was the poor content optimization. For some unknown reason, the guys at the firm decided to keep the content minimal. There were no more than few lines describing the company as Web development Nevada business, at the Home Page. Moreover, there was no clear description for niche or expertise offered by the business. The content also lack to offer any value for the business (how they can actually help businesses gain the competitive advantage).


Now, this is one of the most repeated web design mistake that I come across. Most companies without regards to any logic assume that visitors aren’t a bit interested in reading content. Whereas, I know some businesses who think to give away too much information will translate into lost customers, as according to their logic customers will just leave after getting the detailed knowledge about the workflow. This is simply no-brainer from the business point of view.


The thing here is that content optimization is one of the most important aspects of any successful web design. Customers today are looking for businesses that are open in their workflow patterns and aren’t shy away from detailing their expertise with them. And no, they won’t embark on a DIY web design project just because you detail them with your process. I mean that they just can’t do it!


– No targeted Audience

Apart from poor content optimization, the second blunder was the lack of identification of target audience. I mean what can a customer expect from your business when you just write “We are a web development Nevada business”? There is no specification about the target market or particular niche in here.


It was later that I found that the business was more interested in enticing small local businesses and startups with their affordable pricing and a ground presence in the market.


These two could have been the biggest catching points for the business, provided they were able to properly target the right audience like, “We are a web development Nevada business that excels in developing customized and target-oriented websites for small businesses and startups at affordable pricing. This would have yielded much better results for them anyway.