A case study is a particular scenario is any subject area which is expected to analyse and response by the students. Sometimes in case of study discuss any issues or situation. In Case of study assignments it is required from the students to classify the problems in the scenario, linked the theories with learning knowledge to proper analyses on the case study and give the recommendation after examining the whole scenario. study assignment in college

So for effectively writing the case study assignment students should need to focus on the following steps:

STEP 1: Read case study and questions carefully

One of the most important step while doing case study related assignment is to thoroughly read the case and what are the questions and issues related in the scenario. While reading an assignment highlight the main points that you find important while solving the case study assignment. Identify the question and analyse what is the concern of case study. Connecting the case study information with the question that is asked in the assignment.

STEP 2: Identify the issues in the case study

The case study explains certain case which may occur in any subject area or context. The case study often includes the number of issues, event, and situations. It describes the certain situation that is problematic. The most significant part of the case study assignment is to examine the occurring situation, identify the concern issue that is described in the case.
The following questions help you to identify the issue in the case:
What issue is explained in the case?
Whether there are any consequences of the actions?
What action had you taken to solve the case study?
The discuss actions in align with current theories, codes of practice, policy?

STEP 3: Link theory to practice

While solving case study assignments students should interlink their existing knowledge with the theories and with other documents and behaviour. By doing this, students Assignment Help to decide what was done appropriately in the case study and what is not.

STEP 4: Plan your answer

It can be effective to use the identify questions that you find while reading while giving answers to the case study questions. While solving your assignment to try to find the best possible answer that is effective for your case study solution. in the case, study questions are logically arranged so answer the question in the order so that one by one issue can be explored and solve in the assignment.

STEP 5: Start writing your case study answer

Once you understand the case study issue and gather the necessary information that is important then start writing your case study assignment. The step includes the following section. As this is the main part of the case study assignment and whole marks of the student’s assignment will depend on this step.
1. Introduction
In this part of the assignment students should introduce the case, discuss the key problems that are analysed in the case study. In this part students should include thesis statement as well as summarizing the findings of the case study analysis into one to two sentences.
2. Background
In the background part give some reference through past studies, add relevant facts and discuss the most important issue. Explain that you have resolved the following issue in the following case study.
3. Alternatives
While performing the case study assignment also include some alternatives methods in case if your first method or solution is rejected. Discuss different constraints and reasons.
4. Body:
This section has explained the overall discussion of a case study. In this part, each question is explain briefly with proper evidence and reference. Here you can also explain the significance of the study and what you learned after analysing this case study.
5. Proposed Solution
Let’s move further in the conclusion part where you proposed some solutions regarding or relevant to the study. For solving the case study provide the specific and realistic solution, elaborate why this solution is effective and support your solutions with solid evidence.
6. Recommendations
This is also the part of the conclusion in which you can explain what particular steps and strategies you will be used to propose the solutions. Also, discuss some other recommendation that would be helpful for solving the case study.

STEP 6: Edit and proofread

The last step is the edit and proofreading that you would in every assignment before submitting it. You can use online tools as well as read yourself again to find out errors, spelling mistakes, and grammatical mistakes. Prepare the reference list according to the teacher recommend style.