Travelling brings out one fear inside everyone and that’s traveler’s illness and food poisoning.

People out there must be have in mind that simply drinking bottled water will save you from these unpleasant side effects but this is just the beginning of the precautions one should take. Almost upto 60% of travelers experience the ill effects of digestive issues from having contaminated water and food. Also one can experience fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Knowing it all now, is it that you don’t want to travel?

How to Avoid Getting the Flu Migrain and other diseases while traveling.

Well, relax now when you have already booked cheap last minute flights for the vacations, you just can’t cancel it now. So to help you out with this, we are here to share some tips to avoid getting sick while travelling.


1.Limit Germs

Germs are the main reason why one fall ill, so avoid germ contact. Sounds really simple, right? But is it? Well, it isn’t but you can at least try. You can carry antibacterial wipes to wipe down the area you will be coming in contact with. Also we would advise you to apply sanitizers consistently. Avoid sharing your beverages, lip balms, etc with anyone you’re with and wash your hands more often.


2.Be Careful of Food and Water Contamination

Depending on your gentle stomach, accustomed to your kind of foods and environment is a sure short way to ensure you get food poisoning or stomach upset. Not just the food but also water can be the cause. So be wary of possible unsafe water coming of the taps. Strictly avoid contamination from water by avoiding ice in your drink. Also try to brush your teeth and wash your fruits with bottled or boiled water.


Some foods of high risk to stay away from, watch the list below:


  • Raw and peeled vegetables and fruits.
  • Green leafy veggies such as lettuce and spinach.
  • Raw or under cooked meat.
  • Seafood, inadequately cooked, raw or shellfish.
  • Unpasteurized dairy foods.
  • Edibles from street vendors.
  • Food buffets.


Basically avoid anything and everything which is not cooked and instantly served to you, piping hot is doubtful.

But of course you are in a nice place and want to try the locals but then also you don’t want your vacation to be spent inside a bathroom. So be careful!


  1. Boost Your Immunity

Enhancing and working on your body’s immune system is one way to fight illness before your plane takes flight. How can you do so? Well, get plenty of sleep before your flight, eat fermented foods like yogurt and pickles with lots of natural probiotics. Take antibiotics that helps fight against E.coli types which causes diarrhea.


See it isn’t that difficult. You have got your cheap last minute flights done, you’ve packed your bags and everything is all sorted. No no don’t think to abort the plan with just the fear of spending your vacation sneezing and pooping. Follow the above tips and take the mandatory and easy precautions to have an amazing vacation.